Lady Buster: Our Starter Home

Hello Friends! Zach and I have been inspired by a company called Compass to share with you the story of our first starter home.  Compass is a new real estate service that helps people find their perfect neighborhood by utilizing the interests and personalities of those they serve.  Finding a new home can sometimes be overwhelming, […]

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It’s been awhile…

Well… it took us 8 months, but we finally did it.  Together, Zach and I have purchased and renovated our first “home”, Lady Buster.  The process may have taken a little longer than expected, but man are we thankful for all that we’ve learned.  A little determination and a leap of faith can take you […]

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Hellooooo December!

Hello again my beauties!  Hope this blog post is meeting all of you in good health and great spirits.  Can you believe it is December already??  Time sure does fly when you are enjoying life :). Sorry I am a week late on posting… we decided to hold a “Going Away Party/Open House” for people […]

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Two. More. Weeks.

Happy Monday Everyone!  I promised a new blog post on Monday (today) and as promised, I have delivered.  This post, like the last, may be a little short.  The closer we get to our departure day the more I find myself slacking in picture taking, renovation work, and posting online.  If this doesn’t make sense… […]

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Coming to an End

When Zach and I purchased Lady Buster we thought we would be done with renovations and heading out of IL within a few short months.  We purchased her in May and thought, “Oh, we will be on the road by July”, boy were we wrong.  The renovation process on Lady Buster has so far taken […]

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The Renovation Process

Recently, Zach and I had a conversation about how far we have come with the renovations to Lady Buster.  I thought, in order to get a true feeling for what Zach and I have accomplished over these past 5 months, I better start from the beginning. We purchased LB from a nice woman in Missouri.  When […]

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